After you answer some simple questions, about what you like, listen to or your travel experiences, native language facilitators will share feedback and support your practice.


LISTEN ... AND WHEN YOU ARE READY...join a panel


Don't be shy!  Join us after listening to a live web meeting.  It's a fun... social way to learn.

Get involved

Join a live webcast

Listen and learn and practice


Each web meeting is  based on simple, daily conversations.  prepare your response to some simple questions, practice and present.


  • If you are a beginner, you can listen.

  • If you are intermediate, you can read.
    Usted puede leer con nosotros. 

  • If you are advanced, create your own response and share with the group. 

This is a unique approach to Spanish conversation, through large group web meetings.  We use Project-Based Learning  (PBL) to keep you focused on your language learning goal.  This is a highly interactive online community of learners... and teachers.  It is used in Flipped Spanish Classes.  We know that teaching others is the way to learn, so we will ask you to share what you know to learn in a "social" manner and to get feedback from native language facilitators.